New! Focus Tracks

July 2—4, 6—7 • 3:00–4:30 p.m.
Focus Tracks will provide attendees with the opportunity to deeply and consistently engage one scholar over a long and protracted study in a particular subject of expertise. The group will meet with their respective teachers for five afternoon sessions over the course of the retreat. Locations will be announced on site.

Focus Tracks are optional and attendees who sign up are expected to remain with the same track for the duration of the retreat. Attendees that do not wish to make a commitment to a focused study will have access to the other optional afternoon activities. 


A reading list has also been provided from our scholars in an effort to help participants better prepare for the retreat. Participants are encouraged to attend all of the classes to benefit from the integrated nature of the program.


Being Human: Meeting Our Birthright as God's Creation

Hakim Archuletta • 90 min
Despite socio-cultural claims, enthusiasm and delight are inherent in creation and need not be conditional. This focus group will study the principles necessary for understanding and practically realizing our birthright in both, care for and delight in God's Creation. The group will strive to gain a grasp of the basic elements of hikma, prescriptions and regimens for body and soul towards this end.

At Capacity


Permaculture Design

Rhamis Kent • 90 min
A successful permaculture project is a result of a beneficial assembly of site, energy, social and abstract components brought together in right relationship. This focus group will explore the necessary steps and factors to be considered in planning and executing a successful permaculture design project that meets its intended outcomes.

At Capacity


Creating Enabling Structures for Reviving Community Economies

Dr. Adi Setia • 90 min
The degree to which we are successfully able to create appropriate structures that translate principles and concepts into culture and practices is the degree to which we may successfully build resilient and viable communities. This focus group will study enabling platforms, intermediating structures and more broadly, institutions that are well established and successful with proven track record and some that are still novel, feasible and emerging.


Collaborative Imagineering

Anthony Milroy • 90 min
Through a series of outdoor sessions, this group will be guided through a crash course in setting up and executing a collaborative holistic husbandry initiative. Participants may expect to emerge with a basic understanding of human resource and site assessment, constructing a decision matrix, identifying key external inputs and mobilizing a community especially target beneficiaries. The group will also gain some insight on forging collegiate guilds of common interests and will co-facilitate Anthony Milroy's final session with the wider assembly on Imagineering.

Other Optional Activities

July 2—4, 6—7 • 3:00–4:30 p.m.
These activities are for participants who did not sign up for a focus track and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign up will be available on-site.

July 2:

Yoga (Women Only) (25 people max)
Traditional Methods of Food Preservation & Elaboration (15 people max)

July 3:

Men's Swimming
Flamenco Dancing (Women only) (15 people max)

July 4:

Women's Swimming
Aromatic/Medicinal Plants & Soap Making (15 people max)

July 6:

Yoga (Women Only)
Archery (10 people max)
Evening: Astronomical Observatory* (20 people max)

July 7:

Men's Swimming

*Subject to availability and weather