Nestled in the mountains of Granada, Spain, the Zawiyah is an intimate, holistic retreat. This year we explore models of communal living and deepen our engagement with permaculture and regenerative agriculture (filaha)  


Off Campus Apartments
(based on double occupancy)

Beautiful, newly constructed apartments 15 minutes from the Rosales campus. Some have small kitchens and sitting rooms. Mini buses to and from the Rosales Campus run twice a day, in the morning and evening. 

$1,650 per Adult
$800 per Child (3-12 yrs)

Off Campus Bed and Breakfast
(based on single or double occupancy)

A brand-new luxury bed and breakfast, Molino Machero, is 10 minutes from the Rosales campus. There is no transportation provided for this accommodation. Guests must have their own rental car. 

$1,650 per Adult
$800 per Child (3-12 yrs)

Off Campus Hotel: Puerta de Andalucía (based on single or double occupancy)

Rustic hotel accommodations in the center of Puebla de Don Farique, 15 minutes from the Rosales Campus. Mini buses to and from Rosales run twice a day, in the morning and evening. 

$1,550 per Adult
$800 per Child (3-12 yrs)

On Campus Suites
(based on single or double occupancy)

The upper floor of the building has hotel-like rooms, with ensuite or shared hall bathrooms. The lower floor is good for large families and has studios and two or three room suites, a few with a separate kitchen. 

$1,650 per Adult
$800 per Child (3-12 yrs)



On Campus Dorms:
(based on single occupancy)

Bunk beds accommodate up to 12 people, with indoor bathrooms, wardrobes, blankets, bed sheets, pillows, etc. They also have a rest area with sofas. Men and women have separate dorms. 

$1,395 per Adult


What to Bring:

Alquería de Rosales is at 1,300m above sea level, thus, it has a mountain climate. During the retreat days we expect to have a sunny weather with an average temperature of 77ºF during the day and 59ºF at night.. 

Casual comfortable clothing, sport shoes or sneakers, sandals, outerwear (mainly at night), swimsuit (if the weather is warm enough). Outlet adapters are necessary for electric outlets. Please bring sunscreen, sunglasses and small backpacks for day trips. Other items: necessary medications, bug spray, travel iron, blow dryer, shampoo, soap, shower flip flops, etc.

New! Spanish law requires a photocopy of your active passport. Please make sure to bring a copy with you for registration.


Because leading a holistic and balanced lifestyle starts with eating well. All meals and snacks are locally sourced and organic, with minimal processing and preservatives. All meals are included in your registration cost.

Children’s Sessions:

Children 3-12 will have programming that runs parallel to adult morning and afternoon sessions. Babysitting for toddlers is also available.


The land package price includes group transportation to/from the Madrid Airport at specific dates and times. Bus travel from the Madrid Airport to Rosales is approximately 5 hours. Participants should plan on landing in Madrid at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled bus, as buses are unable to wait for delayed flights. 

Please visit the FAQs for more information.